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Who Really Takes Care of My Car?

The real question is, who is responsible for the maintenance and repairs to your car, truck or SUV?  It starts with the owner operator but also includes the driver/operator that may not be the owner. The actual auto repair and car maintenance comes down to your car care provider. However it is the responsibility of the owner to keep track of the maintenance required for the vehicle. One you have researched and selected a car care provider you can use that facility consistently for your car care. Sticking with one shop will help eliminate confusion regarding the repair and maintenance history. This is the trusty shop that can help you figure out what maintenance intervals are required and is there to help when you have a problem. The owner/operator is the person that pays attention to the maintenance and auto repair intervals as described in you owner’s manual. When is the oil change due? When are the spark plugs due for replacement? When is the timing belt due for replacement? Does your vehicle have a timing belt. These are all things that the owner/operator needs to know and should be responsible for. Your car care provider is responsible for performing inspections as listed in your car maintenance guide and performing auto repairs as needed. Once again the maintenance guide in your glove box has all of service intervals that the manufactures suggests for your car.

auto-repairWhat is an auto service? Every day local motorists make an appointment for a “service”. When they bring the vehicle in they have no idea what their vehicle is due for. It is great that they make time to bring the vehicle in for auto service. I encourage owner/drivers to be part of the process. Keep track of the lube sticker in your window, check your maintenance intervals and check your records so you know what has been done in the past. Never ignore the maintenance reminder light and definitely do not ignore a check engine light. It is also good to know if you are due for major car maintenance interval so you will be prepared for the time and cost required. Being an active part of your vehicle’s maintenance actually will help eliminate the chaos that may occur when you need to be without your car. It is a good idea to pull out your auto service guide and get up to speed with the needs of your car. I am always available for questions regarding maintenance.

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