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Moraga Car Fluid

When was the last time you had your car fluids checked? If you can’t remember or have driven over 3,000 miles since your last check-up, the time has to come to schedule an appointment. Our auto repair shop is minutes away from Moraga, CA. We are also conveniently located next to Starbucks, the Orinda Library, and several other restaurants and shops. You would easily be able to explore the neighboring area from our location. We also offer a free shuttle service to work, home, or BART for all our clients. Also, our team is always happy to pick up or deliver your vehicle.

The fluids in our vehicle ensure all moving parts are working properly and efficiently. If a fluid in your engine is low, you should replenish or replace it. Also, if a car fluid is gunky, it can also damage your engine. Periodic flushing of the fluids is the solution to this problem.

Important fluids that your vehicle requires to operate include:

  • Transmission fluid: This car fluid is what keeps the gears on your vehicle running smoothly.
  • Coolant fluid: As the name suggests, coolant fluid keeps our vehicle’s engine cool. If you are ever running low of this car fluid, your vehicle will begin to overheat.
  • Brake fluid: This type of fluid transfers the force, created by the driver, onto the wheel hub. This fluid is necessary for utmost safety.
  • Power steering fluid: This car fluid keeps our steering smooth and safe.

Orinda Motors has been serving Moraga, CA since the 1920s and under its current ownership since 1996. We would like to say thank you to all the supporters of local businesses. Continue shop locally and schedule an appointment at Orinda Motors for a car fluid service. We appreciate the long-term relationships we have developed with our Moraga clientele, and that is why we are thrilled when we receive 5-star reviews like this one:

“Excellent service. Prompt, professional. Seamless. They make my car just like a race car.” -- Simon

There are dangerous consequences for letting the car’s fluids go unchecked. Our goal is always to provide the highest-quality service to Moraga, CA clients, while still maintaining an affordable price. To schedule an appointment at auto repair shop, local to Moraga, contact us online or call us today.

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