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What Is It Like Owning A Classic Car?

An owner’s love for their classic car usually runs deep, as they’ve grown attached to their vehicles. They appreciate the more nuanced features and appearance of their classic car, holding their vintage vehicle close to their heart. At Orinda Classic Car Center, we understand this attachment. We have helped restore and service vintage vehicles fulfilling many of our clients’ dream of owning a classic car. 

Here is what it is a sneak peek of what it is like owning a classic car: 

Classic cars have a complete style of their own. When you are driving your classic car, you will feel yourself completely, as your vintage vehicle is practically an extension of yourself. Classic cars are an expression of yourself. 


  1. Expect to receive attention. People will ask numerous questions about your classic car, so be ready to answer their questions and bask in the glow of your vintage vehicle. Your classic car will be the subject of drooling.

  2. Owning a classic car is all about the drive, not the destination. You play a more significant role as a driver, seeing as classic cars lack many features we have grown accustomed to. You are entirely in control of what you are doing as a driver. 

  3. For many classic car owners, there is an emotional value to their vehicle that far exceeds the purchase price. They may have spent summers in the back seat of their classic car as a child, or perhaps it was the car they bought with their first paycheck. Either way, classic cars hold a special place in their owner’s heart. 

  4. Part of owning a classic car is finding a facility with the necessary skills and expertise. These vehicles require a certain level of finesse, as classic cars are a bit different than your typical car. Fortunately, the team at Orinda Classic Car Center can put an end to this search. We possess the experience and finesse to produce and maintain the classic car of your dreams. 

If you are a classic car owner, Orinda Classic Car Center is everything you have been looking for.  We can fabricate, weld, or otherwise find a way to make your vintage vehicle look and function the way you’ve always wanted. Schedule an appointment, or stop by Orinda Motors / Orinda Auto Rental / Orinda Classic Car Center at 61 & 63 Orinda Way today! Call us at 925-254-5454!


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