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Top 5 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Orinda Motors has proudly served the Lamorinda area since the 1920s, and we know a thing or two about how to keep your car cool during the Summer months. That is why were inspired to share the top five ways you can stay cool this Summer.


  1. Schedule an appointment for your vehicle’s air conditioning service. Let’s first start with the obvious. If you want to stay cool while driving your car, you should bring your vehicle in for air conditioning system service at Orinda Motors. As a Bay Area Green Business, we take the extra cautionary steps to protect the environment when we perform air conditioning service for motor vehicles. In fact, California is known for its strict emissions requirements, so we follow the EPA regulations regarding refrigerant, service certifications, and recycling. Because we love our planet and want to do our best to protect it, we encourage our clients to maintain their vehicle’s air conditioning system on a regular basis. Your best way to protect the environment is to have your vehicle’s AC system serviced by a professional auto mechanic with the correct tools and equipment.


  1. Seek shelter. The East Bay region can get pretty warm during the Summer months, and another way to stay cool is to seek shaded parking. If you can park under a tree, in a covered parking lot, or in a garage, your vehicle will stay cooler and your car’s paint will last longer, too.


  1. Take cover. If you cannot find a shaded parking spot, try covering your windows with a removable sun shade. There are many styles of sun shades to choose from, including windshield covers that are made with light-reflective material, to retractable pleated-fabric sunshades. For the ultimate cover, you can also throw a full-sized custom car cover over your entire vehicle to keep the heat out.


  1. Add tint. When you want to add permanent protection to your vehicle, consider having your windows tinted. A lot of cars in warm climates have tinted windows, but be sure to follow state regulations about how dark you can go. Your tinted windows still require good visibility. If you go too dark and you cannot see through your windows clearly at night or in the daytime, you create an unnecessary driving hazard. Be sure to have a professional install the tint on your windows so you can drive safely.


  1. Air it out. When your vehicle still gets too hot after all your efforts to stay cool, open the doors and let it air out. No one likes to sit in an oven, right?! We are reminded of a funny video that features a hot car and want to share it with you. Enjoy the chuckle!


If you want to keep yourself, your passengers, and your pets cool as you drive, be sure to get your air conditioning system serviced at Orinda Motors. Our auto mechanics have the skills, tools, and earth-friendly procedures your vehicles require. If your vehicle’s A/C system is blowing hot or emits a moldy odor, be sure to stop by Orinda Motors at 63 Orinda Way today! We will be happy to service and repair the A/C system on your modern or classic vehicles so you can look cool while you stay cool.


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