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Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Vehicle’s Value

Your car is often your second biggest investment, right behind your home. It is incredibly important to protect such a precious investment, and our team at Orinda Motors is here to help to keep your car safe and secure for the long-term. Along with providing exceptional auto service and detailing, we have a few tips and tricks designed to prolong the life of your beloved car.


Here are the top 5 ways you can protect and preserve your car’s value:


  1. Protect your vehicle’s paint job with Opti-Coat Pro coating: Opti-Coat Pro will protect your car’s surface indefinitely. It is thicker than any other clear coating, as it prevents scratches, swirl marks, and acidic environmental substances. This product is only available at authorized installers. Fortunately, Orinda Auto Detail is one of these installers.

  2. Never underestimate the importance and necessity of Oil Change Service: An oil change service is vital to the safety and longevity of your car. If your car does not receive routine oil changes, eventually, the oil will become dirtier and won’t be able to lubricate your engine. If your oil has lost its viscosity or if there is not enough oil in your engine, it will most likely fail.

  3. Keeping your vehicle clean is all in the Details: Sometimes, your car just needs more than a typical car wash, and our team at Orinda Auto Detail will meticulously scour the surface of your vehicle. Not only does detailing improve your car’s overall appearance, but it also can improve your vehicle’s reliability, as our technicians will thoroughly clean and inspect your headlights, wheel wells, and under your chassis.

  4. Make sure your Suspension gets attention: Your suspension system allows your wheels to handle rapid changes in direction, as it keeps your tires on the road as much as possible. If your suspension isn’t working, your car’s ability to maneuver without losing traction will be affected. Overall, your suspension system secures both your vehicle’s driveability and safety.

  5. Don’t let your Brakes break down: Your brakes are imperative to your, your family’s, and your vehicle’s safety. In fact, properly working brakes are often the factor between life and death. Don’t let your brakes down by having them properly inspected by the technicians at Orinda Motors.

At Orinda Motors, our goal is to keep your vehicle driving safe and secure for as long as possible. That’s why we encourage routine visits to both Orinda Auto Detail and Orinda Motors, so our team can thoroughly inspect both the exterior and interior of your car, leaving no stone unturned. Schedule an appointment at Orinda Auto Detail or Orinda Motors.



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