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The Effects of the California Wildfires on Your Air Filter

California is currently experiencing wildfires like never before, and everyone seems to be sharing the effects of these fires. First, the team at Orinda Motors would like to thank the firefighters for all their hard work in battling these fires. We couldn't be more appreciative. The effects of these fires are far-reaching, as we have seen the smoke and ash settle in the Bay Area. The smoke and ash don't just affect our health, but it affects our vehicle, specifically our cabin air filters. 

Your cabin air filter cleans and filters the air that enters through your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems in your vehicle. Your cabin air filter prevents any contaminants from the exterior, such as dirt, dust, smoke, pollen, and ash, from reaching your interior. When the air passes through your filter, any contaminants will be trapped in the filter, and you or your passengers will have an easier time breathing clean air. Over time, your air filter will slowly turn darker and darker as more debris builds up in your filter. 

Your cabin air filter is going into overdrive, keeping all the excess smoke and ash particles from entering your cabin. This filter might need to be replaced sooner than expected to lower the risk that no contaminants or particles enter your vehicle through the ventilation systems. At Orinda Motors, we genuinely care about our customers, and we recognize the importance of breathing clean air in your car. When you bring your vehicle to our facility, we will perform a thorough inspection designed to identify any issues. We recognize that our older clients might need the extra TLC in this environment due to their compromised immune systems, and we are here to help. 

From a cabin air filter replacement to brake repair, the team at Orinda Motors is here to support you with whatever you need. If you believe your cabin air filter needs a replacement, don't hesitate to contact our team, as we would be happy to perform a thorough inspection, identifying any symptoms or signs of concern. Schedule an appointment, or stop by Orinda Motors at 63 Orinda Way today! We look forward to seeing you soon.


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