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Preparing Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

Summer is officially here, which means it is time for some summer fun. Because we live in such a beautiful area, a summer road trip is an excellent way to pass the time with your family. When it comes to the safety of you, your passengers, and your car, we think it is always better to be safe than sorry. Before you embark on your summer road trip, we recommend thoroughly preparing your car.


Let’s make sure your car is prepared for your summer adventure. One of the first tasks we recommend is scheduling an appointment for a checkup at Orinda Motors. Our team will thoroughly inspect your car for signs of impending or current problems, along with performing basic maintenance, such as topping off fluids and taking a look at your headlights. Along with a comprehensive inspection, we recommend browsing through our checklist we have put together:


  1. Be prepared for everything and anything. Pack an emergency kit, in the case of a medical emergency or accident. It would be smart to include snacks, water, flashlight, blanket, and basic tools.

  2. Pack smart. Before heading off on your summer adventure, it would be wise to check out your vehicle’s load capacity to make sure you aren’t putting too much weight on your car. You can find your vehicle’s load capacity printed on the door placard inside the driver’s door jam. Also, be aware of what items you place where. Roof-top cargo should only be filled with lightweight cargo items. If you place a heavy item of your roof-top, your car will be harder to control if you are caught in an emergency situation.

  3. Bring a GPS system. Nowadays, it seems as if everyone has a GPS unit in their vehicle, but we would like to emphasize their importance. You can easily find restaurants along with way or be alerted to traffic congestion with the help of this handy device.

  4. Along with preparing your car, you also have to prepare for your children. Pack snacks, water, games, videos, activities etc. to keep your kids having fun during their time in the car.

  5. Last but not least, be safe. Always pay attention to the road, along with adhering to the rules.


The team at Orinda Motors wishes you and your family a wonderful summer. If you are planning a summer road trip, we recommend taking a look at our checklist for a safe and successful adventure. To schedule an appointment for a pre-road trip inspection at Orinda Motors, call us at (925) 241-5759.



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