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Orinda Motors / Express Oil Change & Tire Center Celebrates National Tire Safety Week, May 24 - 30, 2015

Orinda, CA:  National Tire Safety Week is coming up, May 24 - 30, 2015. This is an annual event sponsored by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association to improve safety out on the road. Here are some helpful safety tips offered by the RMA:


  1. Check your tires with a penny to see if the tire tread is thick enough. If the tire tread does not cover Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your tires.

  2. Not only can the proper tire pressure save you money on gas, but tire pressure maintenance can extend tire life. To make certain your tire pressure is correct, check your Owner’s  Manual for the optimal air pressure range.

  3. You could be flushing money down the drain by under inflating your tires, making them wear out faster. Again, check your Owner's’ Manual for the recommended air pressure.

  4. There are several benefits to using nitrogen for tire inflation, which include increased fuel economy, longer tire life, and increased safety.


To celebrate this National Tire Safety Week, as well as Memorial Day Weekend, Express Oil Change & Tire Center would like to offer a few things to consider.


Check your tires for free at Express Oil Change & Tire Center --

Before you hit the road for the holiday weekend, make sure your tires are in good condition. We gladly check tire pressures anytime you visit us at no cost, and we recommend monthly air pressure checks. Our team will make sure your tire pressure is good, your tire tread is thick enough, and your tires are visually inspected for problem areas.


National Tire Week discounts at Express Oil Change & Tire Center --

If you schedule an appointment with us during National Tire Week, May 24 - 30, we will offer you $50.00 off on a set of tires. Your safety is our priority, so consider this discount an opportunity to take great care of you and your vehicle.


Additionally, if your tires are in good shape, but you could benefit from a tire rotation and/or wheel alignment, Express Oil Change & Tire Center will offer 10% labor discounts on tire rotations/alignments. Again, this is a great opportunity to save some money while you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.


Consider using Nitrogen for Tire Inflation --

When you purchase a full set of tires from Express Oil Change & Tire Center, we will always inflate the tires with nitrogen. Why nitrogen? Tires filled with nitrogen have shown improved lifespan, better fuel efficiency, and higher safety ratings. If you are interested in inflating your existing tires with nitrogen, Express Oil Change & Tire Center can do an air exchange for a nominal fee of $39.99.


About Orinda Motors:  Both Orinda Motors and Express Oil Change & Tire Center are conveniently located at 63 Orinda Way, Orinda, CA 94563. Call the tire center today at 925-254-8989 to schedule an appointment for speedy service. We look forward to serving you.





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