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Oh, Rats! Rodent Infestation Under Your Hood

Photo by Jared Belson

It may be surprising to hear that mice, rats, and other furry creatures are slipping under your vehicle and into your engine. We typically think of a rodent’s natural habitat as being a woodland or forest area, not the engine compartment of our car. However, your engine is, in fact, the ideal place for a rodent: dark, warm, and secure. Fortunately, our team at Orinda Motors knows how to deal with these four-legged terrorists. 

For these rodents, it may seem like the perfect new home, but everything changes when you put the key into the ignition, and these critters are in for an unpleasant surprise. Not only does this spell trouble for these rodents, but it could also harm your engine. The rats move quickly too. In less than twenty-four hours, you could find your engine swarming with rodents, and they don’t discriminate against newer or older vehicles. 

These rodents can cause a bit of damage in your vehicle, including chewing the insulation off the wires that connect your batteries, alternators, or any other electrical component. This could cause short circuits in your car, resulting in often expensive and potentially dangerous repairs.Even after the repairs, without any preventive measures, rats often still make their way back inside. 

Fortunately, we recognize the turmoil these small, but mighty critters can cause, which is why we will quickly and efficiently install a rodent-repellent device in your vehicle. Fixing the problem isn’t just enough, but identifying the underlying cause is critical in ensuring it doesn’t happen again. We do just that at Orinda Motors. 

If you believe rodents have a found a way inside your engine, contact our team today. We can figure out exactly what is going on, repair whatever damage they have caused, and send these rats on their way with a rodent-repellent device. Schedule an appointment, or stop by Orinda Motors / Orinda Auto Rental / Orinda Classic Car Center at 61 & 63 Orinda Way today! Call us at 925-254-2012!



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