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Latest and Greatest Safety Features in 2019 Automobiles

Each year vehicle manufacturers release new safety features designed to keep you and your family safe. From automatic high beams to lane keep assist, the future is bright for automotive technology, and the team at Orinda Motors has captured the best and brightest safety features on the horizon for 2019. 

  1. Pre-Collision Systems: This safety system includes a forward-facing camera along with a radar that is engineered to alert the driver if the distance between their car and the vehicle ahead is closing too quickly. 
  2. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB): If a collision is impending, your AEB system will automatically begin to brake, hopefully preventing you from crashing into another vehicle. 
  3. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): Working as cruise control should, maintaining your requested speed on an open road, ACC also goes a step further, adjusting your rate to match a vehicle ahead of you to keep a safe and healthy distance between your car and the other. 
  4. Lane Departure Warning: A lane departure warning, like the name suggests, alerts you if you are departing from your lane. Using sensors and cameras integrated into your side view mirrors, you will be warned to when you are straying away from your chosen path. 
  5. Blind Spot Detection: Practically eliminating one of our driving’s biggest weaknesses, blind spots, this safety system monitors the road behind you, alerting you to any vehicles that may linger in your blind spot. This is especially helpful when you are changing lanes or merging onto the freeway. 
  6. Facial Recognition: Last but not least, facial recognition software is making its way into automotive technology. This software isn’t used for what you would typically expect, however. It monitors the driver’s face, checking to see if their eyes are on the road, while cruise control is activated. If the driver is deemed inattentive, cruise control turns off. 

Each year automotive technology makes leaps and bounds, and the team at Orinda Motors is there for each step of the way. Whether you are driving a 2019 Toyota Camry or perhaps a classic car, our technicians can accurately service and repair your vehicle, safety features included. Schedule an appointment, or stop by Orinda Motors / Orinda Auto Rentals / Orinda Classic Car Center at 61 & 63 Orinda Way. 


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