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How Your Vehicles Suspension Affects Tire Wear

How important is your vehicle’s suspension system, and how does it affect your tires? Well, the suspension system is critical not only for turning, stopping, and stability, but it also smooths out the ride each time you hit a pothole, speedbump, or an object in the road. Without a well-maintained suspension system, your vehicle may not be able to absorb the impact and maintain stability...and that’s dangerous.


Your vehicle’s suspension is comprised of joints, pivot points, and arms that allow your ride to be smooth over the roughest roads. For the most part, the parts of a suspension system include:

  • Ball Joint

  • Bushings

  • Sway Bar

  • Tie Rod

  • Tie Rod End

  • Control Arm

  • Struts

  • Tire Cupping


Eventually, all suspension systems show wear and tear, but there are signs you can look for to make sure your suspension system is healthy and performing well. The easiest way to determine if your suspension system needs service, repair, or replacement is to look at the tires.


Tires are directly linked to the suspension system, so if you see the following wheel alignment issues with your tires, you may need a technician to inspect your suspension.



If you take a look at your tires and are uncertain whether your issues are related to your vehicle’s suspension system, we invite you to come to Orinda Motors so we can take a look. To reduce your wait time, call Orinda Motors at 925-254-2012 to schedule an appointment, for we may have to do a few tests on your vehicle first to determine the source of the problem. Once we understand the cause of your tire wear, we will recommend a solution.



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