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How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

If your car has started to look dull, or if you have noticed any damage to the paint or the interior, it most likely is time for a detailing. However, the team at Orinda Auto Detail recommends being proactive, meaning don’t wait until your car is in desperate need of detailing. Stay a step ahead. Now, you may be asking: how often should I detail your car? Keep reading for the answer.


Detailing is the process of carefully and thoroughly cleaning both the exterior and interior of your car. At Orinda Auto Detail, our methods for washing, polishing, interior cleaning, conditioning, and full paint correction are down to a science. We use the highest quality of products, including Opti-Coat Pro. In fact, these products are the gold standard in the detailing industry. Many people believe once their vehicle is sealed with Opti-Coat, you don’t have to wash it for months, which is not true. Your best bet is to wash your vehicle every 3 weeks after it has been sealed.


We recommend having your car detailed every 6 - 12 months to ensure it stays in prime condition. However, if you wash and / or wax your vehicle on a routine basis and keep it clean, you may be able to wait a bit longer. We would also like to mention that the answer to this question depends greatly on where you live, how your drive, and how clean you prefer your car to be. If you have questions about detailing, please feel free to contact the team at Orinda Auto Detail.


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