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Check Engine Light -- How Serious Is It?

When your Check Engine Light comes on, what should you do? Should you panic? Should you ignore it? Here’s a look at why your Check Engine Light may come on and why you need to bring your vehicle in for service soon after it becomes illuminated.

When the Check Engine Light comes on and holds steady, it means there is likely a minor malfunction going on within the engine system. Fortunately, many vehicles are built with sophisticated computer sensors that are sensitive enough to alert the driver of minor issues before they become major ones. From a loose gas cap to a part that needs to be replaced, the Check Engine Light will come on if any of these issues are detected by your vehicle’s sensors.


The Check Engine Light notifies the driver of issues that need to be resolved, but how serious can the problem be? Is a steadily illuminated Check Engine Light minor or major? Honestly, it’s hard to say without looking at the diagnostics. Your vehicle is equipped with computer operated systems that communicate the codes related to the issue, but it takes a trained expert to translate the specifics of each code. If your Check Engine Light comes on and it holds steady, you should bring your vehicle to Orinda Motors within a day or two so we can run diagnostic testing and pinpoint the issue.


When the Check Engine Light is flashing, that means bigger issues are happening within your vehicle. Many components are monitored by the vehicle's computer management system including the fuel evaporative emissions system. Repairs for a check engine light issue could indicate something serious, but the labor and parts involved will vary. The best thing to have in order to solve a Check Engine Light is a shop that you trust that has the knowledge and equipment required to make the check engine light go off and stay off.

If your Check Engine Light is on, come to Orinda Motors immediately for thorough diagnostic testing. Once we complete the diagnostics with our state-of-the-art testing equipment, we have removed the guesswork, and the Orinda Motors team can repair your vehicle much more efficiently and effectively.

Orinda Motors is a locally owned and operated independent auto repair shop that has been serving the Lamorinda region since 1968. We support our local community and we go out of our way to solve your car issues while providing good value. If you would like us to run a thorough diagnostic test on your vehicle and address the issues caused by your Check Engine Light, we would be happy to assist you. Please call 925-254-2012 to schedule an appointment. See you soon.


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