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6 Reasons We Love Restoring Classic Cars

Orinda Motors takes pride in restoring classic cars. Heck, that’s putting it lightly. We LOVE classic cars and we are deeply passionate about restoring them. To illustrate what we mean, here are the six reasons we go bananas -- in a good way -- when a client asks us to repair, restore, or maintain their old car.


1.   We appreciate the art form.

Classic cars are works of art on wheels. The lines. The curves. The magnificence of the engine. The power. The engineering. The history. Each car was beautifully crafted, albeit on an assembly line, and they have become a major part in the fabric of American culture.


Classic cars are featured in movies, on television, in video games, and in songs. From the time we were babies, we were taught that cars are a piece of art that is both practical and an asset that defines you.


2.  Working on them is like meditation.

Imagine going to your favorite place in the whole wide world. Now, imagine sitting in that place, breathing in the air. Hear the sounds that make you breathe easy. Feel the beauty that surrounds you permeate your soul. Feels nice, doesn’t it?


Well, that’s how we feel when we work on classic cars. We love touching the parts. Smelling the smells. Hearing the roar of the engine. Seeing the arching and tapered lines. Problem solving. Knowing that we are making a difference for our client and for this particular car. It touches our souls in such a way that, yes, it is like a meditation that lasts for hours.


3.  The sense of satisfaction.

When you see the before and after of any classic car restoration, it makes a mechanic proud. Regardless of the condition the car is in, we feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction knowing that because of our passion and our mechanical know-how, we made a difference. From something small like an oil change or a new set of tires,  to something visibly different, like a new engine or a complete Opti-Coat Pro detail that makes a sparkly shine, we love knowing that we made a difference.


4.  The symbol of the machine.

There has been a love affair between man and machine for generations. We gearheads appreciate that machines make life easier for us. Machines frustrate us. Machines drive us crazy in both good and bad ways. We spend our money on these machines. We devote our lives to these machines. Whether it’s a two-wheel or four-wheel machine, or one that has wings or can fit in your hand, we totally dig machines.


Classic automobiles are machines we love, and we’re not ashamed to admit it. The symbol of the machine means a lot to us, and that is why we are delighted -- day in and day out -- to have the honor and privilege of working on these amazing machines. Classic car lovers, can I get an “Amen”?


5.  Seeing your smile.

There’s something about classic automobiles that make people smile. We see smiles the minute a client comes in to pick up their lovingly restored classic car from our shop. We see smiles from passersby as we drive our own classic cars down the street. We see smiles from other drivers at the stoplight, in the parking lot, at the burger joint, and at auto shows. All the while, we’re smiling right back at them. What’s not to smile about when you have your hands on the steering wheel of a beautifully restored classic car?


6.  The Orinda Classic Car Show.

Every September, Orinda Motors is the proud sponsor of the Orinda Classic Car Show. We love, love, love the fact that so many of the classic cars we have worked on are entered in the car show every year. We hear their owners proudly talk about their 4-wheel babies. We hear the crowd say, “Ooh”, “Aah”, and “Look at that one!” We see the people walking around, taking pictures, and pointing out their favorites. We hear people share old memories of cars they once loved, of the people who rode with them, and the times they shared. It makes our hearts full, knowing that we have the honor of helping those vehicles in their lifelong journey, making their owners burst with pride, and keep their passengers safe while on the road.


We aren’t poets, but if we could write poems about cars, we would. Practically speaking, we sure do love working on classic cars, and we hope you will consider allowing us the opportunity to work on yours.


The Orinda Motors family, which includes Express Oil Change & Tire Center, Orinda Auto Detail, and Orinda Auto Rentals, is known for its Diamond Certified status and excellent customer service. If you have questions about our services, call or email John Vanek at [email protected]. Orinda Motors is located at 63 Orinda Way, Orinda, CA 94563. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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