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10 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off Before School Starts


Back-to-school season is officially here, which means running around to get school supplies, new clothes, and the list seems to go on and on. Amidst this busy time, it can be easy to forget about your reliable car. The team at Orinda Motors is here to remind you about ten car repairs you should have checked regularly:


  1. Oil: Your car’s oil keeps everything running smoothly, and it doesn’t have the right level of oil, your car simply won’t run right.

  2. Tire Pressure: Nowadays, many cars are equipped with a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), which will alert you if something isn’t right with your tire pressure. Since this system monitors our tires, it is important to have it checked out by a professional.

  3. Brakes: Please don’t wait until you hear a screeching noise when you step on the brakes. Having your brakes regularly inspected by a professional is necessary for your, your family’s, and your vehicle’s safety.

  4. Power Steering Fluid: If your power steering system is not working properly, it becomes harder to control your car.

  5. Alignment: Your car’s alignment impacts how it handles the road. Most likely, you can notice something is off with your alignment on your own. Nevertheless, before your car’s alignment gets worse, have it inspected and repaired by an experienced auto mechanic.

  6. Antifreeze/Coolant: The drivability of your car relies on the level of its fluids, including Antifreeze. Before we are dealing with the colder temperatures of winter, get this fluid level checked out.

  7. Tire Tread: It's not all about the tire pressure of your tires. Tire tread plays an important part in the overall condition of your tires since it is what provides with traction on the road.

  8. Transmission Fluid: Here is another fluid that is critical to the overall condition of your vehicle and should be inspected periodically.

  9. All of Your Lights: Visibility is key! We can make sure all your lights, including brake lights, reverse lights, and headlights to name a few, are shining brightly.

  10. Timing Belt: Last but not least, is your timing belt. Your timing belt is responsible for ensuring all components of your engine are working in sync, and without a properly working timing belt, the effects could be disastrous. ​


Before you get caught up with soccer games, carpooling, or homecoming, make sure your car is ready for the new school year. Our efficient, educated, and experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your car from bumper to bumper to secure its safety and driveability. To schedule an appointment at Orinda Motors, call us at (925) 241-5759.



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