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Most cars use a rack-and-pinion steering system in which the steering wheel turns a steering shaft that is connected to a pinion gear. This gear moves a steering rack left and right. The rack has two arms attached to it called tie rods, which connect to the steering arm and steer the wheels.

Recirculating-ball steering, often found on larger vehicles, has a design much like a nut and bolt. The bolt is a worm gear, which is attached to the steering shaft. But unlike a bolt, when the worm gear turns, it remains stationary. The nut, or ball nut rack, is a threaded block that moves forward and backward. The ball nut rack is connected to a pitman arm, which moves tie rods to turn the front wheels. Between the threaded block of the ball nut rack and the worm gear are little steel balls, which recirculate to reduce friction and wear, and remove slop from the steering.

Power steering can be found in both systems. It uses hydraulic power to provide mechanical assistance to steer the vehicle. Power steering systems use belt-driven pump and pressurized steering fluid carried through hoses to push a cylinder and exert extra force on the steering rack. It makes moving the wheels almost effortless for a driver.

Orinda Motors offers all of the services required for your vehicle’s steering system service and it is our goal to always provide great service and high-quality workmanship with the best value possible. If your vehicle is ready for its steering system service, either schedule an appointment, call or stop by for a visit at 63 Orinda Way, Orinda, CA 94563.

Our Orinda Village location has a comfortable waiting area and is located near several stores and restaurants, Safeway, Starbucks and the Orinda Library, so you can go explore the area or catch up on work while you wait for your steering system service to be complete. If you choose not to wait for the completion of the steering system service, we offer a free shuttle to BART, home or work. We also offer pickup and delivery of your vehicle for no extra charge! If you need a car we also have Orinda Auto Rental located on the premises.