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Lafayette 45k Service


The 45,000-mile service is an intermediate service. This scheduled maintenance includes an oil filter and change; tire rotation, and a possible replacement of the engine air filter and cabin air filter. Our team will also perform a thorough safety inspection of the vehicle. Located near Lafayette, CA, Orinda Motors is the one-stop solution for your vehicle.  


Our goal is to provide effective, efficient, and high-quality service at the best value possible. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced. During your 45,000-mile service, we will carefully examine your vehicle. If there is a problem, we will pinpoint the source and immediately fix it.


Sometimes, scheduled maintenance for your vehicle can be hassle. We want to make this process as easy and smooth as possible. Our location in Lafayette, CA, is very convenient. We are located minutes away from Starbucks, Safeway, and several other restaurants and shops local to Lafayette, CA.  Instead of waiting for your 45,000-mile service in our waiting room, you can easily visit the surrounding area. We also offer a free shuttle service to work, home, or BART, and we offer free delivery and pickup for your vehicle. Also, if you need a rental car, please take advantage of Orinda Auto Rental, which is located on the premises.


Orinda Motors has been serving Lafayette, CA, since the 1920s and under its current ownership since 1996. We would like to thank everyone who supports local businesses. Let’s continue to shop local!


Whether you need a smog check, radiator repair, or scheduled maintenance, we are always here to help. To schedule an appointment for your 45,000-mile service, call us today.