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Moraga Car Suspension


Car suspension keeps our car driving safely and smoothly. If you believe your vehicle is in need of shock repair, don’t hesitate to contact our facility. We are located minutes away from Moraga, CA. Orinda Motors has been serving Moraga, CA  since the 1920s and under its current ownership since 1996. We are so grateful for all the supporters of local businesses. Continue to shop local and consider scheduling an appointment at Orinda Motors for a shock repair service.


Many believe a car’s suspension system is just for ensuring a smooth drive. However, this is false. The suspension system allows us to completely control our vehicle. Our car’s suspension system supports several tons of metal. It is only natural that our shocks will need repair sooner or later. If your vehicle is exemplifying one of these five signs, visit a mechanic immediately:


  • Car rides roughly.

  • When you are turning, your vehicle is drifting or pulling.

  • When your vehicle is in need of shock repair, you will feel your car lurch forward after it comes to a halt.

  • The tread on your tires are uneven.

  • Your shocks are damaged.


It is important to have your car’s suspension inspected and if needed, repaired. At our auto repair shop, local to Moraga, CA, we use only the highest-quality products to repair your vehicle with. Our team is experienced, efficient, and continually demonstrates excellent workmanship. We also offer our services at an affordable rate to our clients. To schedule an appointment for shock repair, reach us through our website or call us today.