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Check Engine Light | Orinda Motors Inc.

When we see a Check Engine light, Orinda Motors knows to take it seriously. Check Engine lights indicate there may be auto repair issues, and we use our car diagnostics tools and technology to pinpoint exact problems when your Check Engine light comes on.

When the Check Engine light illuminates, the Orinda Motors auto repair team understands that this can be caused by a range of minor to major issues. If the Check Engine light is not indicating something simple, such as a misapplied gas cap, we use our car diagnostics equipment to communicate directly with your vehicle’s computer systems. Car diagnostics are not always simple. That is why it may take specialized knowledge and software to uncover what is wrong with your vehicle. Our auto repair team is certified to work on all vehicles and highly experienced at reviewing and repairing issues that cause your Check Engine light to come on.

Here is a recent 5-star review from one of our car diagnostics clients after their Check Engine light came on, alerting them to a problem:

Everyone was very courteous; work was completed on time with the result of our car running great, and the final cost was lower than the estimate. What more could you want?!
– Sally and Ken H., Canyon

If your Check Engine Light comes on, protect your vehicle by bringing it in immediately to Orinda Motors for analysis. We will provide you with the best auto repair service in Orinda, including smog checks, oil change, brake repair, car suspension and more. Our team looks forward to serving you with the best car diagnostics technology.