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Moraga 30k Service


Is it time for your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance again? A 30,000-mile service is essential to the overall performance, safety, and longevity of your vehicle. If you have been looking for a reliable, qualified, and affordable auto repair shop, look no further than Orinda Motors. We are located near Moraga, CA, and our team looks forward to servicing your vehicle.


Customer satisfaction is key. Our Moraga, CA customers should depend on us for honest and effective service. We strive to achieve your trust and satisfaction. A 30,000-mile service is an excellent place to start for us to start. Our team will closely adhere to the owner’s manual, while thoroughly examining your entire car, from tires to headlights.


We will:


  • Clean brake dust.

  • Check tire pressure.

  • Inspect tread depth.

  • Check engine belts.

  • Examine oil level.

  • Check coolant level.

  • Examine battery terminals.

  • Make sure lights are working.

  • Check fuel filter.

  • Check power steering fluid.

  • Inspect air filter.

  • Check automatic trans-fluid and filter.

  • Examine spark plugs.

  • Check brakes.


Orinda Motors has been serving Moraga, CA, since the 1920s and under its current ownership since 1996. We would like to thank everyone who supports local businesses. Let’s continue to shop local! Our auto repair shop, local to Moraga, CA, can be reached by contacting us through our website or by calling us today.