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Smog Check | Orinda Motors Inc.

If you live or work near Orinda and you need a smog check, we invite you to Orinda Motors. If you are having any other maintenance or repairs here, we will have Jerry pick up your vehicle and take it for the smog test at our Flying A Gasoline location across town. If all you need is a smog test, you can take it directly there, Monday through Saturday, or let us arrange it for you. And of course, if your vehicle should fail its test, we can take care of the repairs for you here at Orinda Motors.

Since we are part of the Bay Area Green Business Program, Orinda Motors works to preserve and protect the environment by conserving water and energy, minimizing waste, and preventing pollution. Our smog check services are performed on the exhaust of your vehicle, and we test to see what type of pollutant your vehicle is emitting. Our smog technician makes sure all components of your vehicle’s exhaust system are working in pristine condition and emitting as little pollution as possible. California law states that a smog test must be performed every other year. At Orinda Motors, we will perform the required maintenance to ensure your vehicle passes its smog test.

By serving residents in Orinda and the surrounding communities, Orinda Motors has earned a reputation for providing fast, efficient, and affordable auto services. If you are in need of a smog check or routine car maintenance, we urge you to bring your vehicle to Orinda Motors or Flying A Gasoline.