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Radiator Repair | Orinda Motors Inc.

The radiator repair Orinda Motors provides is, bar none, the best in the area. At Orinda Motors, we see many vehicles for radiator repair, brake repair, coolant service, oil change and other auto services. There are many commuters driving on Highway 24 through Orinda, traveling between Walnut Creek to Oakland and San Francisco. This long commute and stop-and-go traffic makes for wear and tear on any vehicle. The chances for a vehicle to overheat and require radiator repair at Orinda Motors increases for these commuters.

Radiators regulate the internal temperatures of your engine. When a radiator overheats, it could cause engine problems which can become very costly to your budget. The best way we approach radiator repair at Orinda Motors is by proactively providing coolant service to your vehicle. Old coolant needs to be flushed out on a periodic basis because it can eventually become acidic, eating away the metals in your radiator and engine. With regular auto service, you can avoid costly radiator repair by requesting coolant service.

Fortunately, Orinda Motors provides affordable, full-service radiator repair, coolant service, and other auto repair services. In addition, our family owned and operated businesses also offer a full range of scheduled maintenance services, a tire center, wheel alignments, full diagnostics and smog certification.

To keep your radiator in great repair, contact Orinda Motors for an auto service appointment. If you have questions about service for your vehicle, call us. Our team looks forward to serving you the next time you pass through Orinda!