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Lafayette Exhaust Repair


Looking for exhaust repair near Lafayette, CA? Look no further than Orinda Motors. We offer first-rate exhaust repair at our facility. Our exhaust system in our vehicle is responsible for:


  • Muting the sound created by the internal combustion of the engine.

  • Reducing the temperature of the exhaust.

  • Controlling the amount of emissions released from the exhaust.


During the combustion of fuel, harmful gases are created.  These gases are noxious. The vehicle’s exhaust system controls the amount of emissions released into the environment or even cabin of your car. That is why it is essential to schedule an appointment or exhaust repair, if you believe your exhaust system is not functioning properly. We also recommend having your exhaust system checked on a routine basis.


Our goal is to provide excellent and effective service. Our skilled and experienced team uses only the highest-quality tools and the most advanced technology to service your vehicle. From exhaust repair to inspecting your car’s fluids, we are always here to help.


Our auto repair shop is located minutes away from Lafayette, CA. Orinda Motors has been serving Moraga, CA since the 1920s and under its current ownership since 1996. We would like to say thank you to all the supporters of local businesses. Let’s continue to shop local.


Our auto repair shop is Diamond Certified and AAA approved. To schedule an appointment for exhaust repair, please contact us through our website or call us today.