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Brake Repair | Orinda Motors Inc.

Need brake repair in Orinda? Orinda Motors offers first-rate brake service and car maintenance services. Brakes are an important aspect of routine car maintenance and should not be forgotten. At Orinda Motors, safety always comes first.

Here is a testimony from one of our clients, Carol B. who recently brought her vehicle into Orinda Motors for brake services:

“It can actually be a pleasure getting your car cared for at Orinda Motors. I recently had my brakes done and when I picked my car up they talked to me about how driving in the hills can be bad for the brakes and gave me tips on how to drive differently~~ so I could make them last longer. They even included a tip card for me. Their service is gracious and caring. I knew exactly what to expect at every step, and there were no surprises. And they finished exactly when they said they would.”

By serving residents in Orinda and surrounding communities, Orinda Motors has earned a reputation for providing fast, efficient, and affordable car maintenance and auto services. If you are in need of brake repair or routine brake service we urge you to bring your vehicle into Orinda Motors.