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Lafayette Smog Check


Orinda Motors, located near Lafayette, CA, understands the importance of an effective smog check. Smog checks are part of California law and are essential to overall performance of your vehicle.


We are honored to be part of the Bay Area Green Business Program. This means we take steps to preserve and protect the environment by conserving water and energy and minimizing pollution and waste. When you bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop for a smog check, we will carefully examine the exhaust of your vehicle. We want to identify what type of pollutant is being emitted from your vehicle. We also want to ensure that all components of your vehicle’s exhaust system are properly and effectively working. It is our job to make sure your vehicle should be emitting as little pollution as possible.

California law states that a smog test needs to be performed every other year. Routine smog checks performed by our qualified technicians ensure your vehicle will pass with flying colors. To schedule an appointment at our auto repair shop, local to Lafayette, CA, contact us through our website or call us today.