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Classic Cars

Here at at Orinda Motors we understand the relationship that you have with your classic car. We know that there are many of our customers from Orinda and surrounding communities that still love their old cars. Some of these cars have not been on the road for a while or they have a nagging problem that you have not been able to resolve. You may just need some simple maintenance or fine tuning. You may not have the time or place to work on your own car, but have no intention of getting rid of it. We are here to help! We possess the skills and finesse required to work on your classic car. We have a passion for classics, let us show you what we can do with yours!

Orinda Annual Classic Car Show | Orinda Motors Inc.

We love classic cars so much we have sponsored the Orinda Classic Car Show for 10 years!

Services Offered:

  • Initial diagnosis, start and inspection after storage
  • Perform complete mechanical inspection with written report
  • Tune ups & diagnostics
  • Engine and transmisson repair
  • Carb Overhauls & Adjustments
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Brake system repair & upgrades
  • Electrical system repair & upgrades
  • Exhaust system repair & upgrades



Orinda Classic Car Shows