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Are Full Service Gas Stations a Thing of the Past? (Flying A Gasoline is a rarity in California.)

Nowadays, it is rare to see a full-service gas station in operation. There are over 120,000 gas stations in the United States, but we don’t know how many of those can be classified as full service. Unfortunately, the United States Census does not keep track of full-service gas stations. As we drive down the street, most likely, there will not a full-service gas station in sight. However, if you are driving down Bryant Way in Orinda, you will see a light at the end of the tunnel: Flying A Gasoline, or one of the only full-service gas stations left.


Full-service gas stations are a rarity in California, let alone the United States. We are dedicated to upholding old traditions, which is why Flying A Gasoline remains in operation. We are one of the only full-service gas stations with attendants who will pump your gas at no extra charge. We also feature smog testing, car wash service, full auto detail service, rental cars, and some of the lowest gas prices in town.


Flying A Gasoline, part of Orinda Motors, is dedicated to bestowing a personal touch on each client who drives into our gas station. Not only do we pump your gas so you don’t have to get out of the car, but we’ll also clean your windshield at no extra cost. Full-service gas stations are rare, but driving away from a gas station with a smile seems to be even more rare. You will receive kind and considerate service at our gas station, and we are positive you will drive away smiling.


Flying A Gasoline has a history for positive and engaging customer service, and our auto repair shop, Orinda Motors is the leading one-stop auto repair shop in Orinda and the surrounding communities. It doesn’t matter if you visit Flying A Gasoline or Orinda Auto Rentals. We are attentive, honest, and eager to help. To learn more about Flying A Gasoline, call us at (925) 254-2015.



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