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A Brief History of Orinda’s Flying A Gasoline

Flying A Gasoline is a brand that has a rich history in Orinda, California. First, let’s begin with a brief history lesson about this historic brand and where its famous, vintage signs come from, per GarageArt.com:


“Flying A gasoline was sold by associated dealers of Tidewater Oil Company on the west coast before and after World War II. In the early 1900’s a group of well operators formed the Associated Oil Company to transport oil out of their fields. The pipeline ended at the company’s refinery in Martinez, CA. In a few years Associated products were distributed all over the west coast and Hawaii.


In 1936, Associated joined Tidewater Oil, makers of Tydol and Veedol, to form the Tidewater Associated Oil Company – a nationwide firm. Associated’s trademark, flying wings attached to a letter ‘A’ for Associated, became the new company’s national marketing emblem. While Tidewater Associated was becoming one of the country’s major oil companies, J. Paul Getty bought stock over about 20 years and by 1951 he controlled the company. In 1966, Phillips 66 bought out the west coast stations and the east coast stations became Getty Oil Stations, bringing an end to the Flying A brand by 1970.”


When Flying A Gasoline was in its heydey, Orinda had its own station, which was located by the fountain where the Starbucks now sits on Bryant Way. Here is a photo of old Orinda, courtesy of the Orinda Historical Society, and on the far right side, you’ll see the old Flying A gas station:



Today, Flying A Gasoline is situated at 22 Bryant Way, right by the entrance ramp to Highway 24 heading East. Our desire to uphold old traditions at the modern Flying A Gasoline continues today, for we are the only full service gas station with attendants who will pump your gas at no extra charge. We also feature smog testing, car wash service, full auto detail service, rental cars, and the lowest gas prices in town. Here is a photo of Flying A Gasoline as it appears today:



If you want to go to a full service gas station that will pump the gas for you, offer you the lowest gas prices in town, is conveniently located, and provides full detail service as well, consider visiting Flying A Gasoline. To schedule an appointment for our car wash and auto detail services, contact Hugo Perez at [email protected], or call 925-254-2011. We look forward to serving you!



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